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In a nut shell we help you get your business online. Getting you away from the all too familiar Yahoo or Gmail email addresses that people are starting to be a bit wary of.

We let you choose your options that will suit your budget, we suggest that if you starting out, start small and choose a basic email hosting & domain package, we will assist you in setting it up as well giving tips to make it suit your budget.

For example: if you running out of storage space for your emails, setting them up as pop3 instead of imap and getting Microsoft Outlook to remove them after a few days will ensure you don’t hit your capacity anytime soon.

Having a business can be tricky and costly overheads are to be avoided at all costs. That’s why we have simplified things into 3 options. So you can start off small and expand as your business grows. There’s no contracts so everything is on a month to month basis and you can cancel at any time you choose to.

We (or anyone else) can not promise that once you have an email address or website that your business would grow, that is not how it works unfortunately.

We like to tell our clients to think of a website as a flyer for your business, you can get thousands of them printed but if you don’t hand them out nobody will see them. It is the same with your website, you will need to tell people you exist. Google will help in this respect by adding you to their search engine but to be honest the chances of getting to the top of the results without paying for google adverts are a bit slim.

So sharing your website on business cards, social media sites like Instagram and Facebook will help you get your site and business out there. Shering stories about happy clients on social media will also help attract people to your website as well.