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How long does it take to setup my account?

For security purposes, all orders are manually checked for fraud.


  • Domain registration takes less than 24 hours
  • Once the domain is up we will set up the email addresses for you, that takes about 5-10 min depending on how many email addresses are required.

Upon signing up, you’ll receive an invoice. Once the invoice has been settled, your account will be set up and the setup information will be emailed to you.

If you have any issues with your signup do not hesitate to contact us.

How do I get my Welcome Email?

You will automatically receive a welcome email when your account has been approved and created. This welcome mail contains your username, password and instructions on how to access your emails and set them up on a pc or mobile device.

If you have lost the Welcome Email, you can contact us and we will gladly assist you in getting access to your information.

I would like to transfer my domain and website to you, what is the procedure?

The first step is to place an order for the hosting package and domain name. In the checkout field please place a note stating that you would like to transfer your domain. Some domains require payment to be transferred but .co.za domains are free to transfer.

Once the order has been placed, we will contact you in order to get more info and explain the process.

Setting Up your email address on a PC or Mobile Device

When setting up your email address on a device you will be asked for the following information.

Username: Your Full email address
Password: Use the email account’s password.
Incoming Server: mail.yourdomain.co.za

IMAP Port: 993 POP3 Port: 995

Outgoing Server: mail.yourdomain.co.za

SMTP Port: 465

IMAP, POP3, and SMTP require authentication.

Have a question but can’t see it here? Hit the whatsapp button on this site or click on the contact us tab and send us a message.